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5 Ways To Strengthen Your Motivation

There aren't many people around these days that can maintain their motivation successfully. What does maintaining motivation actually mean you ask? Well it means maintaining the willpower to wake up with energy and positivism in the morning, it means to do your workout with a hypothetical smile on your face, it means to live an active, healthy and meaningful life. Do you want to recognize yourself in these phrases? Continue reading.

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So... you've continued reading? Good for you, but that's not nearly enough for you to succeed on your path to glory. This post is just a recipe for your success, and you are the cook.

In my own personal experience I know that motivation is one of the most hard to obtain things in this world. I've always struggled with my tasks postponing them and leaving them for later... comforting myself by saying "Nobody will care if I do it now or tomorrow", "I'm feeling tired now, it's best I do it later" and similar comforting phrases.

In order to get away from these habits I've started reading about ways that I can improve my motivation. The more I've read the more I've realized I've got a lot of work to do. Don't like it? Well I'm not here to throw sweet words at you, I'm here to throw reality in your face until you realize you're worth more than you think. Time to start with the throwing then, eh? Sure, here you go:

1. Defining your goals

  • In order to succeed you need to know what you want to do. Organize your life, think about it for a few days if you're not certain but know that all good things start out with a good plan.
  • If you're feeling lost my advice to you is to listen to the experience you've had so far. If you're good at something then that may probably be the thing that you're destined to do!

2. Study yourself

  • Determine when you're the most effective and when are you not.
  • How does the time of day affect your behavior?
  • How does the type of activity affect your behavior?
  • How does the type of exercise, what you ate or any particular thought affect your behavior?
  • Be very wise with determining these things because it's easy to fool oneself. In order to be correct you need to view at yourself from a third perspective. Go ahead and try it.

3. Self-expression

  • Self-expression will keep you in the flow of life and also keep you motivated.
  • Combine your wants and desires with the things that make you feel good and excited.
  • Find ways to express yourself. Writing, drawing, talking, singing, making music...

4. Deadline reward system

  • Creating deadlines with rewards at the end of them is also a good way to get you flowing.
  • To accurately describe this system I will use a true story.
  • 3 chubby man wanted to lose weight. They all took 5000 dollars out of their bank account and devised a system that will make them lose 30 pounds. The system was this: Each put their money on an account that will be forfeited to others if they may not succeed with their weight loss in 30 days. And wouldn't you know it they all succeeded and got their money back!

5. Motivating words exercise

  • This exercise will help you get things done.
  • Get yourself a stopwatch and time yourself just to see how long did something take to get it done.
  • Afterwards say to yourself: "Whew, this didn't take long at all, I really don't know why i haven't done it sooner".

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Question for readers:

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  1. or ... you can just ask the other important people in your life to tell you how they see you, what you do well, you do not like ... And yes, it all starts from the first step and that is why it is the hardest. I think a good plan actually means finding your first step. Very well, continue reading ...

    1. Asking for insights from others is also a good idea. First steps are the hardest indeed. Thank you for your feedback!

  2. Doing something that interest you is a great tool in self-motivation.
    I also believe that the people around you, who in one way or another supports and believes in you, plays a very important role to have a healthy and meaningful life.

  3. I am a champion!!!


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