Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Amazing little things you can do to change your life to better

If you do want to change and don't know how to start. If you always suffer from wanting more but don't really know where to begin and that just brings you back to your old habits then this is the post for you to read. The first step is changing the most primary habits you do in everyday life and if you do them better and more efficient, more faster and with higher precision, then you will have more time for other things in your life.

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So what is this all about? This basically means that every thing you do today and any other day can be done better and more efficient. It's time for you take this to your advantage!

1. It's all about attitude

  • This means basically that a person that does things like studying, cleaning or other need-to-be-done things can do it in two different ways. He can either be all grumpy and complain to himself about how that activity is boring, physically demanding etc. OR he can accept the fact that it needs to be done and in his mind have the picture of a job well done in the near future. Well the simple truth is that --->
You choose what you want to be.
It's either: 
"Not that again! I will never get this done!" 
or it's: 
"Better make it the best I can so I can enjoy a job well done."

2. Sometimes you have to be stubborn

  • There will be days you will feel bad. You're not a robot, you are a human being and you (whether you like it or not) have feelings. The question is how do you handle periods of unwanted states of your mind.
  • In these times you have to learn how to efficiently motivate yourself to get something done. The "being stubborn" part is simply to explain a state of mind that knows what's going on but is simply above it all, not giving permission for feelings to take over and take you into a non-productive state.
  • If you need help getting motivated refer to my older post:

3. Set your priorities straight

  • You think you're all nice and productive if you remember to clean your house or organize your books or whatever when the real thing you need to be doing is working on that project for your work or studying? Well you're not.
  • These things are good and all but there's a time and place for everything and some things are more important than others.
I know many successful people that have their houses in a mess, not everything on it's place or similar things. These are not things to be proud of but they are not needed for you to be successful in something if they are going to take it away from you in the long run!

This brings me to my next fact:

4. Not everything needs to be done perfectly

  • I'l repeat it again. You are not a robot. You have limited time and ability at your disposal and you need to use your time wisely. Focus on the things that truly matter and you will be successful.
  • I suggest to you that you sit down and think about what are the things you do very often that don't really have to be done the way you do it and can be done easier.
  • I'm not allowing you to be sloppy, I'm allowing you to be successful and sloppy. ;)

5. Take a break sometimes
  • Just before the conclusion I'd like to remind you that every person needs a break from a busy schedule.
  • Take one day as your day off from all the things you do not enjoy so much. Take your time during this day to enjoy the little things in life. Go read a book, play an instrument, go for a walk or go catch a movie. Life is not life if we do not get to enjoy it!

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Question for readers:

How often do you take a break from work?

Leave your comments in the section below.


  1. great blog, keep on posting,,,

  2. I never feel like I take a break from my work, but I end up keeping sites such as reddit up while I work. This actually really explains why I all ways get frustrated with myself for not having something "Done" already. Because I don't think I'm taking a break since My work is still open... but I always some how end up back on the internet even if I close my browser, its like my minds fall back when it gets frustrated.

  3. Life is all about getting the balance right, and knowing what our priorities should be. There are many successful people out there that have absolutely no quality of life, or don't even know that they have a loving family at home until it's too late, of course. I enjoyed reading your very handy tips especially as we are in the season of pure madness. Nice Post.

    1. "Season of pure madness". That is so nicely and accurately put.

  4. woah, nice tips, thanks

  5. One more quality article by you :). Thanks for sharing !

  6. I read alot, very inspiring!


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