Thursday, December 6, 2012

How to be in the moment (Mindfulness)

It tends to happen to everyone these days - being there physically but not with their mind also. Thinking about life and it's purpose, what you have to do after work/school, doing a project or doing other important things that require our full attention. Well DUH of course you're not going to do it correctly if you're not fully into it.


Well it requires work. You need to change your mindset and acquire a new one called mindfulness.

Mindfulness is a whole new way of life for you that will grant you total alertness and get you ready for everything that may come on your path. It means being there. Not anywhere else but there where you are, focusing only on what you're doing and nothing else. In other words mindfulness is a practice of becoming more fully aware of the present moment.


Indeed it sounds easy my dear reader, but I assure you it's not. The process is most certainly not a fast one and requires time and patience.


1. It keeps us away from stressful and harmful thoughts
2. It actually turns a boring activity into an interesting one, an adventure
3. Makes us develop wiser decisions because our minds are not cluttered by harmful thoughts
4. Improves sleep and sleeping disorders
5. In some forms of practice it can regulate your appetite and help with eating disorders
6. Improves overall physical and mental health


Well I'm glad you asked. There are exercises that may help you gain a mindful mindset. Let's get to it!

1. Brush your teeth with your other hand

  • It's easy. If you're left-handed then use your right hand, if you're right-handed use your left hand.
  • By using your inexperienced hand for doing already automatic tasks that you do by your other hand you will be completely in the moment focusing only on your teeth and your toothbrush
  • Try to do this for a week and notice the benefits

2. Mindful eating

  • Next time when you're hungry grab yourself some food as usual but this time NO TV, NO computer, NO talking and no doing any other activities that may distract you from eating and can get you thinking about other things while you eat
  • This will make you enjoy food more and focus on what you eat and how much
  • After doing this exercise for a few days you'll notice that you require less food than before to be full and you will also improve your mindfulness skill
  • We constantly eat food and think about many other things and that makes us forget about our food intake and making us think we're hungry when we are actually not. Get rid of this nasty habit.

3. Meditation

  • Find a comfortable and quiet place and with your back straight begin to relax
  • After about 2 minutes start taking deep breaths and focus on breathing
  • In a short period of practice you will learn to focus only on your breathing and nothing else
  • Meditation has many many other uses and benefits that I will probably cover in my next posts

4. Generally minimize your activities that dull your awareness

  • Watching TV, sitting on a computer and other time wasting activities put you in a passive state of mind where you are unaware of the moment, focusing yourself on something that isn't really there
  • Putting yourself in that state is sometimes good. For instance reading a good book or watching a good movie is helpful but it shouldn't be practiced to frequently or you may zone out from other things in life too
  • Try to not watch the TV today, or not to troll people all day on the internet. You will feel better the next morning, I promise

5.  Repeat this phrase to yourself during the day

  • Tell to yourself throughout the day this phrase: "Here and now"
  • Every time you say this you will instantly focus on your task ignoring everything else
  • Play around with these phrases, make up your own and see the benefits yourself

6. Think of your own!

  • Maybe there's an activity you do frequently in your life that isn't mentioned here
  • Go on and apply this method while doing it, be fully aware of the moment and know what you are doing without zoning out
  • If you have trouble repeat the #5 exercise to get back on track

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Question for readers:

How mindfull are you?

Leave your answers below. 


  1. great info I will try one of this one day,
    checkout my blog at
    feel free to leave a comment

  2. What happens if you become too good at using your left hand? Or what if you are ambidextrous?

  3. Meditation is the key to mindful living.


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