Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The Power Of Positive Affirmations

What can you accomplish when you imagine, affirm and feel that you can't? Images, words and feelings are all affirmations that may be dangerous for your body and also your life if you don't know how to control them.

It's actually pretty simple. Negative thought patterns make you feel depressed, and positive thought patterns do the opposite. What we want is a positive and optimistic life and I'm going to tell you what exercise you can do to make you feel better about yourself.

Here's the plan.

You will write these 20 affirmations on a piece of paper.
You will read them 3 times each.
You will do this at least once a day.
You will do this more than once if you feel negative thoughts are coming over you.
You will contemplate and think about every sentence you read.

Affirmations have a power to them, because they can change your thoughts and therefore your entire reality. To make them work, you must implement them into your subconscious mind, and that is a process that may take a while, hence the constant repeating. Here is the list:

1) I am now becoming more productive and efficient in everything I do.

2) I have great purpose, and I am now exercising the unlimited possibilities available to me in the world.

3) I am freeing myself now of fear, worry and anxiety, and I am at peace with myself. 

4) I greatly believe in myself and my abilities, an I am now progressing steadily. 

5) I am learning and growing daily, and I now find value in each new experience that happens to me.

6) I am now directing total health for my entire being and all my bodily cells. 

7) I am secure now with my home, my work, my family and those around me. 

8) My attentiveness and observational abilities are now improving every day. 

9) I am now achieving emotional stability and balance in my life. 

10) With boldness and confidence, I am now taking action toward my goals.

11) I am now taking action toward developing myself every day. 

12) My physical skills and abilities are now distinctly improving every day in every way. 

13) I am now achieving my correct body weight, and I am consciously improving my posture every day.

14) I now love, forgive and accept myself as I am. 

15) I am coping, adapting and responding now to changing situations with ease. 

16) I am prosperous now in all things, and I always have everything I need from the abundant universe I live in. 

17) I am progressing constantly now, and I accept full responsibility for everything that happens to me. 

18) Every day in every way, I am now feeling better about myself and my daily accomplishments. 

19) I am now very youthful, healthy, strong, enthusiastic, happy and full of confident energy. 

20) I now feel warm and loving and accept everything I create in my life. 


Side-effects of negative thinking

When you are emotionally out of balance, bacterial strains in your body grow more profusely, just like predatory insects attack an unhealthy plant more than a healthy plant. Many bacteria live on the abundant waste substances produced by the thought processes of repressed emotions.

Research has shown that there is a rapid multiplication of streptococcus bacteria in the throat during emotional stress. Fear, worry and internal stress restrict the flow of saliva, and you need saliva to neutralize mouth acids and prevent tooth decay. Think about it - how many times did you have a sore throat or a cold and have had negative thoughts in that period of your life?

Your antibody level is increased with and improved immune system. Your immune system tends to lower its resistance level in the presence of repressed negativity, and there is a draining of your bodily energy needed to protect you from disorders. Many diseases occur when a lowered immune system allows microbes to develop.


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  1. Wow, pretty impressive list!!! Positive affirmations are indeed helping a lot and I have been using them for quiet some time, although I try to have a shorter list of them!
    I usually read mine first thing in the morning, just after a quick session of meditation.

  2. Awesome, and I like your "My favourite quotes..." aside.


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